Experiencing God for Kids

On-Campus Sunday mornings

Experiencing God for Kids

Beginning September 13, Family Church will  begin Experiencing God by Henry & Richard Blackaby & Claude King church-wide. Along with several adult Small Groups, our Kids Ministry will spend 11 weeks  discovering how they can experience God in their everyday lives during their on-campus Sunday morning worship time. It will be a great time of games, puzzles, and activities to engage kids and show them how they can discover and join God in His work.

This study will help kids begin to understand that God is not far off or hiding from them, and that they can experience his love and involvement in their lives as they follow him.

The 7 Realities of God

Experiencing God at Home : Printable Homework

Homework from Sept 13

Homework from Sept 20

Homework from Sept 27

Homework from Oct 4

Homework from Oct 11

Homework from Oct 25

Homework from Nov 1

Homework from Nov 8



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